Improve Your Spiritual Wellbeing

By working on your body and mind, our classes will help you feel spiritually centered by cultivating your internal resources and helping you practice and understand self-love.

Let Go Your Stress and Anxiety

Yoga helps your body release of noxious toxins, and your mind let go of negative thoughts.

Gain Strength and Mobility

We will work through a range of asanas that help relieve aches and pains, while also strengthening your muscles and improving your mobility.

Develop Mindfulness

Each class includes a specially tailored meditation component to improve mindfulness and help overcome mental blockages.

Enhance Your Physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual Well-Being

The philosophy behind these sessions is holistic. Our goal is to promote physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being in a fun and judgement-free environment. The word Yoga itself means to unify – we believe all these different elements of our being are connected to each other. Physical health improves mental health, social health improves spiritual health and vice versa! That’s why, in our sessions, we do our best to bring a sense of unity to our lives by practicing a range of asanas and meditations. Our sessions are designed to offer you a vigorous yet gentle introduction, combining the various virtues of different schools of Yoga in order to create a holistic program sensitive to the realities of modern life.

Achieve physical and emotional balance with a combination of Yin and Hatha yoga / hypnosis meditation

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If you join our classes, you will combine Yin and Hatha Yoga, as well as a special mix of meditation techniques, allowing you to attain the ideal physical and emotional balance. By extending and holding the movements, Yin yoga helps you stretch and lengthen those rarely used muscles. It is the perfect method for releasing the built-up tension stored in our connective tissues.

Yin yoga is great for both muscles and joints and can even help with pain relief, allowing you to slow down, relax, and turn inward in order to alleviate stress and restore energy levels. Techniques from Hatha, meanwhile, allow you to exert more energy and develop robust strength and better mobility. In combination, Yin and Hatha enable you to improve flexibility, boost circulation, and reduce tension. You will feel full of energy, mind body and soul!

Escape the stress of our hectic lives through meditation

Our sessions also contain elements of meditation. There are many varieties of meditation, including Yoga itself, they all have their place and their merits. In our classes we combine Mindfulness meditation, Passive meditation, and Active meditation. The emotional and physical benefits of meditation are well documented. It’s true, meditation can be like an island of repose, allowing us to escape the stress of our hectic lives for a few precious moments. But we believe it is actually so much more than this!

By learning meditation and, even more importantly, by practicing it, we aim to create an inner resource to draw on even during our busiest and most stressful times. The true Yogi is always meditating! Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress and even lower blood pressure. You will not only feel more relaxed in the moment, but you’ll also gain a new perspective on life and build skills to manage daily living.

Join Our Journey Today

Each one of our Yoga sessions is designed to increase our strength, mind, body, and soul. This is not a journey we go on alone, but rather together, as a community, as The Collective of Strength! So please join us, and fuel yourself with powerful energy and a positive mindset for the week ahead!

Pricing and Payment

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20 Sessions
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Prebookings can be made with payment to: Collective of Strength BSB: 013017 ACCOUNT: 646565297 *Students can pay using a savings account or by PayPal.

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    Financial assistance is available to those in need. The Collective of Strength offers a number of complimentary sessions each year to those struggling financially. If this is you, please reach out with your story and Kathy will be in touch to advise the best path forward.